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Speaking Roses

Speaking Roses from USA and having its presense in over 60 countries worldwide presents to the promotion industry the most unique product ever seen.

Over a decade ago, Speaking Roses conceived the idea to merge the flower and greeting card industries, and created an exceptional way to convey unforgettable messages by making them appear inscribed on the petal of the rose itself. Then, after developing and patenting unique flower printer, Speaking Roses offered beautiful, embossed, flowers to local flower shops and businesses, whose response was immediate and overwhelming. This kind of technology is not avilable from any other source worldwide.

Speaking Roses created a user-friendly and extremely reliable flower printer using processes that are of the finest quality available anywhere in the world. This state-of-the-art and efficient flower printer does not apply a sticker or a decal. The flower printer actually embosses bright or metallic coloured ink directly onto fresh petals. It can also personalize confectionary, chocolates, candies, cookies, sweets, candles, wooden flowers, silk flowers, silk petals, soap petals, glass, ceramic vases, and so on.

Floral Expressions by ruchi has exclusive rights for whole of India, and it is the only company that has the license to use this technology to imprint logo, photo and message on fresh live and articial floral products, edible and all other surfaces in India.